• Kęstutis Babilius Hi, my name is Kęstutis Babilius I`m a 28 years old Multimedia Designer from Lithuania, currently living in The United Kingdom.

    Shortly about me

    How did my journey begin? I was born in Lithuania, the youngest of three children, and always seemed to approach things my own way.
    From an early age I loved to draw. What to draw? Anything. Starting from my own fictional characters and finishing with cartoons I saw. I loved to redraw them. This hobby to draw has grown more and more.
    I joined the local art school, but I didn’t finish it, because my parents couldn’t afford it.
    After secondary school graduation, I joined Kaunas College in Multimedia design studies. During the studies I was taught 3D modelling and animation with Maya, 3DS Max; creating video effects with After Affects; edit videos with Premiere Pro; work with Photoshop, create websites and work with many other programs. I was very excited, because I realised this is what I want to learn.
    After college graduation I started to work in regional television in Panevėžys. I learned A LOT there, especially (proper) video editing. But editing videos was not enough for me, so I realised I want to learn to make something else, crate video jump-backs, adverts do the creative work. So that’s when my real journey began.


If you would like to say hello, connect on Facebook/Google+ or to tell me about a new and exciting project feel free to contact me.

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You can watch my work on my vimeo channel